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hi, I just built my first computer and I went to the gigabyte website for drivers. there is a driver update, but also 2 bios updates. One of the bios updates is rev 1.2, the other is rev 3.0. Which one is better, and how do I update the bios? Do I just download and install or do I need a flash drive to do it?
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  1. Get the latest update, they prob have a variety of ways to update, may allow through Win, burn an ISO cd or through a thumbdrive (flash drive)...should have full directions on the site
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    "rev 1.2, the other is rev 3.0." refer to the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) revision number. It is printed on the motherboard itself in the lower left corner.

    I would use a flash drive to update the BIOS.
    BIOS Flashing Guide:
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