GTX 760 or 770 (or Radeon equivalents)?

I plan to build a gaming PC this fall. I am investing around $2000 or less. Before I go any further I wish to point a few things out since a few people have misunderstood the purposes for this PC. Besides gaming, I will also be using this PC as a home theater and stereo, Flight Simulator X for flight training, and possibly C++ and Java. I plan to use a 256 GB SSD for both the OS and software for some of the hardware components. I will dedicate one 2 TB HDD to games and another HDD of the same storage capacity for my FLAC and iTunes music collection. If it becomes necessary, I will add a third HDD for C++ and Java. If a drive fails, i don't have to re-install everything. I will also add both a Blu-Ray Drive and DVD-R/RW drive (I prefer having two disc drives). I have no plans to overclock. I already have selected the Intel i5-4670 CPU, a Creative Labs Titanium X-Fi sound card, Windows 7 OS, and an Antec 1200V3 case (incase I decide to add more hardware later on or do a more extreme build in the future). This PC will be hooked up to 65-inch 240 Hz Sharp LED TV. My intention is to play games at 1080p at high settings with around 60 fps. I understand that the GPU is often the most critical part of a gaming PC and the sweet spot is between $200 and $300. My intent is, depending on the model and price, to replace the GPU every 12 or 18 months in the 3-year life cycle I have planned for this PC. Would I be better off with the GTX 760 or 770 or one of the Radeon equivalents? Thanks.
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  1. haha theyre botha awesomely awesome its just the 770 is better (you allready know that ) so im not sure you choose isent that big deal :P # computers over 2k are awesome building one myself.
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    If you are gaming at only 1080p, then I recommend either the 760 or the 770 should be fine; however, I would get the 770 simply because it will mean a longer period of time before the next upgrade. At 1080p, the GTX 770 can get 60 FPS maxed out in most games, and a bit less/lot more in all others. If you ever want to run games that are more CPU-intensive, then you may need a CPU upgrade in a couple years; however, that may have come anyway. Also, NVIDIA cards work much better with SLI than AMD with Crossfire.
    Overall, get the 770; best performance to last you the longest time.
  3. You have the right idea with the GTX760 (absolute best price/performance option) though 60fps from either GPU would be optimistic for a game like Crysis 3 (no single card will deliver that). For most games though, the GTX760 will serve you very well. The added expense of a GTX770 probably isn't worth it for around 20% gain.
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