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Slow Internet & Lag Spikes Only On My Computer

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Last response: in Wireless Networking
July 4, 2013 2:11:55 PM

Ok, So I'm with an ISP called Distributel and I'm paying for 30mbps down and 10Mbps up.

On my laptop (Macbook Pro if that matters) and on other devices I get between 30-20 down, but on my PC, on a good day I can get around 5Mbps.

Every so often (20 minutes or so) my connection just stops working, and I have to disconnect and then reconnect. It will either say it can't connect and do a windows troubleshooting thing, then connect, or sometimes it just connects.

When I play games like Battlefield 3, I'll join a server with 30 ping, play for 15 minutes, and then my ping shoots up to 999+, and it's unplayable.

Sometimes my speeds go as low as something.

I don't think it's my hardware as I'm running a 3930k and two 770s in SLI. And I think all my drivers are up to date for network cards. It's not location either, because my laptop and phone in the same room get good connection. So it must be something with my computer. I even lose connection on Skype.

Can someone please help me, as it is almost impossible to play multi-player game or even use YouTube and Skype.

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Best solution

July 4, 2013 2:22:21 PM

Check for your ethernet plug on your computer and on the router since other devices are WIFI your ethernet might have some trouble, and it might even be your landline location. Check with your ISP, best thing to do.
July 4, 2013 2:30:15 PM

Hi, I probably should have mentioned I'm on wifi. I'm going to purchase a new modem though soon, and see if that helps.
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July 4, 2013 2:34:20 PM

Well.... in that case its different.. maybe its your WIFI card on your computer..
July 4, 2013 2:36:19 PM

That's what I was thinking, but all the drivers are up to date, and I don't think it's a bad wifi card.