BIOS Freezing problem, I think the GPU is the problem
Just watch, I explain it all.
I'll write it to I guess. This is the first PC i've ever built, I got it to POST and entered the BIOS, after a few minutes it froze. It freezes in both the BIOS and when I try to boot up Windows. I've re-checked all my connections and re-inserted my GPU(GTX 760) and RAM a few times and the freezing problem still occurs. My CPU idled at 46C so I thought it might have been a heat problem, so I re-did my thermal paste and re-installed my Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO and the temperatures lowered. But the problem still happened. I had no idea what was wrong until I turned on the computer once, and a picture didn't show up. The monitor didn't even register a signal. I was completely left to believe that my GTX 760 is messed up in some way. I want some help and I really don't want to RMA my 760 but I believe i'm going to have to because I think it's the problem :/ Help me out!
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    Try booting with one stick of RAM. Try resetting CMOS, your motherboard will inform you how this is done. If no luck, RMA the motherboard. Had this same issue once myself and there was no way around it.
  2. I got it, I changed up some of the voltage setting on the CPU and wallah, it worked. As i'm writing this i'm installing Windows 7.
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