Arris CM 550 and port forwarding

Hello ladies and gents, a little question.
I have an Arris CM 550b router and I'm having some problems while playing a game (Warframe, to be exact): can't join friends game, can't invite them and they appear offline MOST of the time, 'cause sometimes it works quite normally (with some of them, at least). Game (sometimes) says that:

Strict NAT detected. UPnP not detected.
Please forward UDP ports 3960 & 3962 to <my IP>

and I've searched, like, TEH INTERWEBZ (all three of them) to get an answer on how to do it but it looks like no one has tried that before. One guy somwhere said that my router is not a router, that it's "a bridge" but didn't explain anything more and I'm not too sure what does it mean.
Does it mean that I can't forward ports on my router/bridge/thingy? Or is there a secret method to do this that noone wants to share?

Thanks for any response in advance :)
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  1. Well what you have there is a modem...not a router and I don't think there are settings for port forwarding in a modem
  2. So basically I need myself a router?
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    No lol, If you have JUST a modem that means ALL your ports will be fowarded there is NOTHING blocking you.
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