New AMD Phenom II X4 965 into Asus M4A785-M (Black screen on start up)

Just installed AMD Phenom II X4 965 into Asus motherboard model M4A785-M and am getting just a black screen from monitor on start up, whether I plug into HDMI input on motherboard or HDMI input on AMD HD 5750. Before I installed I checked Asus' site for compatibility to this processor;


AMD AM3/AM2+/AM2 ;Phenom™II /Athlon™II /Phenom™ / Athlon™ /Sempron™ Processors
Support 45nm CPU
AMD Cool 'n' Quiet™ 2.0 Technology (by CPU type)
Support CPU up to 125
Also, no keyboard or mouse support from what i can see, logitech G510 keyboard and Steelseries WoW Cataclysm mouse are not "lighting up". Any help on this would be much appreciated
Edit: Dug this up on Asus's site:
M4A785-M The following table shows the supported CPUs for this motherboard

CPU Since PCB Since BIOS Note
Phenom IIX4 965 (HDZ965FBK4DGM),3.4GHz,125W,rev.C3,SocketAM3,Quad-Core 1.01G 0405
If your motherboard BIOS version number is greater than the BIOS version listed above, then you will not need to flash your BIOS. However, if your BIOS version is smaller than the version listed above, then you will need to select and download the latest BIOS to update your system. We kindly remind you that there is a certain risk level involved in BIOS flashing, please refer to "BIOS Flashing Method ". If you still have doubts, we will strongly advise you to consult with a PC Professional or your PC dealer for further assistance.

Since I am black screened atm, will have to open up case and check that way. I swear I did a BIOS update within the last few weeks before I got the new CPU, but I cannot tell until I get it up and running somewhat. If I have to put the old CPU back in, I would just use the old CPU with some new thermal grease?
O > Ordered CPU from, said it was 125 watt BUT Asus has another CPU of the same design, though listed as 140 watts. Guess I will dig to find out whether I was sent the 140 watt version...

Pulled out CMOS battery, even jumped the reset for CMOS - got it to boot to BIOS reset/setup screen but had no keyboard response. After unplugging keyboard from USB where it was and plugging it into new USB, got an interesting beeping/alarm go off and had to cold shut down (held down power button) to get it to turn off. Will not boot to BIOS setup now, so I'm pulling the battery again and letting it sit while i try to find a different keyboard. Mouse lit up though, not really any idea why but no help from the mouse atm...

***NEWEST ATTEMPT: Put old CPU back in to check BIOS, flashed it with newest/recommended flavor from Asus support site just to be safe, even though it looks like BIOS WAS updated before. Here is info:

Model M4A785-M

Version 1101

Chipset RS785_SB710

Date 11/20/2012-09:47:40


BIOS Size 1024k

Now I do not whether I should attempt the install again or wait to see if I should dig up more info if needed...

Any help would be much appreciated ;)
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  1. The cpu should have a number on the heat spreader that will allow you to ensure it is a 125 watt version.

    Also what revision is the board.
  2. I cannot find anything on the heatsink that tells me the wattage, but from taking the model number on the processor (hdz965fbk4dgm) and trolling it, anything that comes up says it is the 125 watt version. The only info for revision on motherboard I can find is from CPU-Z, and it says "REV X.0x (doubt that is what we are looking for). Where else would I find what revision my motherboard is?
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    try this and see if it report the same
  4. WOW, now that is a cool program. Digging into it, it says

    Mainboard Version: Rev X.0x

    So I guess that is the revision of the motherboard, then.
  5. For the cpu, I mean on the cpu it self(the metal cover over the die it self).

    If you just got it, the box should also have that info.

    I think the number for the 125 watt parts are
    HDZ965FBK4DGM the M is the C3 (125 watt version).
  6. try use onboard first , and try use adapter DVI to HDMI .. just @try
  7. Yes, model number on cpu itself matches the 125 watt setup. No DVI to HDMI adapters handy, so will have to go dig one up.
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