Video Card Causing Post Beep (1 long 13 short)


I have a Sapphire HD7750 and i think its causing me not to boot properly
When I boot up the pc, I get a POST 1 long post beep and multiple up to 13 quick beeps.
Before this I experience some symptoms such as display flickering but only for my main VGA monitor since I tried HDMI and it was working without flicker with it, I think i Even smell burn smell which i think came from the pc but unsure since it was good for a couple of weeks and Temps were good.

The GPU turns on its fan but the Beep keeps coming.
I have been using this setup for a month now and it was fine until this couple of days and finally this POST message.

MOBO: Asus P5sMX se.(I know its old :))
Memory : 2 GB

I tried removing and using the onboard VGA and it was well, just 1 beep
Can I fix this or there is no chance for the video card?
Have you tried this experience and what did you do?
Thanks Everyone.
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  1. Your powersupply?
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    Looks like your Psu is failing.
  3. Thank you for answering.Appreciate your time on this.
    I have a generic 600W power supply. come to think of it.
    The Computer runs well without the Video card though .Does this mean that not enough power or power is inconcsistently being sent to the power. HD7750 does not need 6pin power

    Thank you!
  4. Just got a new POWER Supply COUGAR SL 500w. It does not make the sound/beeps any more . However The screen just shows a black screen! This is coming from my VGA Output on hd 7750. Its black screen but somehow it has backlight and observing that the screen flickers just in time for actual screen transition take place(Transition to Windows loading , Transition to windows login) but still its black. I tried the HDMI Slot of video card and output was shown on TV. VGA is broken??
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