Need help.. getting lines...on my screen, Locking me out of games.. can hear the sound still..

What I am running is MS windows 7 Prem Home 64 bit AMD athlonII x2 215
3 gig on a Radeon 6670

Im getting these Vertical lines.. on different color of screens...sometimes its Brown.. sometimes its other colours.. when Im gaming sometimes, not all the times.. Do i need to turn down my settings???? or what is the main Problem?
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  1. Could be that your graphics card is getting to hot while playing games.
    When the Gpu of the card gets too hot it can exhibit the symptoms you are describing. So install a program to monitor your Gpu temps if you can.

    Make sure you have the latest driver for your card also.
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  3. i actually upgraded.. and I use Speccy From and all my temps are like 24 degrees Celcius.. in the green and I have like 4 fans.. Exhaust, The Card, The 400 Wt power supply the fan on my cpu... all pointing to the card.... so and Last night i upgraded the Card.. and played a little Team Fortress2 with my son.. and it shut down. Now funny thing was, I was playing GTA IV with graphics on high and it would do it.. but I dummbed it down to play on low res and its fine.. so do i have to lower my graphics? Am I running to high for these games?
  4. It could possibly be a bad power supply.
  5. why your psu fan is facing the inside should it be taking air from the ouside to cool the psu ,give the spesc of all your parts your psu could be needing a upgrade .
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