VisionTek ATI Radeon 2600XT AGP 512MB Video Card, Drivers malfunction during start up Windows XP 32

I recently bought a used VisionTek ATI Radeon 2600XT AGP 512MB Video Card none of the drivers work for it, they work when its installed but they fail when computer is restarted or turned on, during Windows start up. It is an older system K8N MB AMD 64 Athlon, I have never seen this from a video card, is the card bad? Like I said everything runs fine til I restart the system. Pulling my hair out over here.
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  1. uninstall all the drivers and run it using the windows default VGA driver... Does it work? Goto AMD and get the legacy radeon drivers there.. I will look them up in a bit
  2. I've already done that, it will run on the default VGA driver but all AMD has right now is HotFix for that card which doesn't work either, I have tried six different drivers, older to current and none will work, I made sure all other drivers were uninstalled and it still doesn't work, I've never seen this from a graphics card and I've installed a lot of cards mostly Nvidia.. ATI cards I've had nothing but problems with their drivers.
  3. this is an old laptop....?
  4. No its a old desktop it has a Asus K8N Motherboard, I completely upgraded it, maxed out the Ram to 3 gigs, upgraded the sound card, Harddrive, Power Supply everything to make it faster I use it for business and to run my old games... I had a Nvidia 6200 in there but that card sucked. For some reason though these drivers go bad as soon as you re-boot the computer it works fine after the first re-boot, but after that it says that the driver isn't compatible with this version of Windows and it says that for every version of the drivers, even no the card is supposed to run on Windows XP, do you think it has something to do with the drivers not digitally signed by Windows because none of them are.
  5. When the drivers malfunction it goes to that 640x480 screen resolution when it tells you, you can't adjust it cause the driver doesn't work, I don't get it, I never had these problems with Nvidia Cards only ATI
  6. hmmm ok... I only see the XT referenced with "Mobility" cards on the AMD site.

    Not signed drivers was common.... not an issue.

    Found this:
    HotFix... Likely the same one you found already.

    ...and I guess you've been here and tried the HD 2000 AGP drivers:

    BUTTTT have you tried these:

    Good luck
  7. I haven't tried the one off the Sapphire HD page they almost look like the ones off the AMD page , I've tired the Vision Tek ones they don't work and I haven't on that HIS page, I'll try those 2 just have a feeling I'm going to get the same results, if so I am going to call Vision Tek support line to see if there is anything they can do if all else fails I'm sending the card back for a refund, this is too much BS for a graphics card.
  8. I'll let you know tomorrow what happens, I've already put too many hours into this old system if this don't work I'm done with this card unless VisionTek can pull one out of the hat
  9. Well it turns out Nvidia Chipset Drivers like to Ambush ATI drivers, I had no idea, but I'm 99% sure that is what was going on, I wiped out the drive today cause I couldn't get any results running tests, probably too much corruption in the registry, re-installed Windows and everything else but the nForce3 chipset drivers and now the Video Card works fine, I know the chipsets on Motherboards provide extra performance I'm just wondering if there is a updated more compatible driver so you don't have to have a Nvidia video card those drivers were from 2004 so I'm sure there is a updated driver.
  10. It was the NVIDIA nForce3 250 AGP Host to PCI Bridge driver that was attacking the ATI driver and causing it to crash
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    Ya gotta be careful with the nvidia chipsets.... there is a windows update for XP out there that will BSOD the system... (been there, done that...)
  12. Greetings i got the same problem here , i rarely format my pc , 3 years ago i bought the motherboard nvidia and later the video card ATI and no problem. Later a year ago i reinstall windows and now i only got BSOD all the time , i need to desativate the card in SAFE mode to work on my PC.

    what you did with the NVIDIA nForce3 250 AGP Host to PCI Bridge driver ? you desativate or desinstall ? and wich one is it? i saw too many PCI Brigde ... please help me
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