Computer won't boot/POST (No bios displays) with CPU FSB 533 and RAM DDR3-1333?


CPU: Intel Celeron D 2.8 Ghz 336 Prescott FSB 533
Motherboard: ASRock G41M-S3
Memory/RAM: Apacer 2 X 4GB 1333Mhz DDR3 (AP4096-DDR310600)

I'm having a problem getting my computer to boot/POST (No bios displays) with specified RAM: Apacer 2 X 4GB 1333Mhz DDR3 (AP4096-DDR310600). It states in the manual my cpu's FSB of 533 only supports DDR3-800 Ram. But also that the FSB can be overclocked to 1333Mhz to be compatible with the RAM. I've tried the various FSB jumper configurations listed in the manual with no success.

Is their any possible way I can get this RAM to work with my CPU, or is there no solution but to get slower RAM at DDR3-800Mhz, which is very hard to find now, or get a CPU with an FSB speed that is compatible with the RAM. Do I even need an updated BIOS version? No bios displays at all, so there's no way to flash it to a newer version.

Can the RAM be underclocked to run at lower speed at 800Mhz?

Please advise.

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    FSB (533) = 1066, need FSB at same speed or highere then DRAM, so need at least 1333 FSB
  2. Does it POST with the memory modules that were previously installed?
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