how to set up a lab with 50 computers?

Hi, I am a research scholar, i'm a beginner, so i have to set up a lab with 50 computers. what i want to know is what are the things i want to have to make a network and to do it practically.
and then i've to connect it to the campus network and then to the internet. kindly help me present it both theoritically and diagrammatically. reply asap
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  1. Well... firstly, you'll need the computers... hopefully the ones you get would all be equipped with gigabit Ethernet ports.
    Secondly you'll need good robust switches.... for fifty... you'd need 2 X 24 port gigabit switches..... or .... that's one hell of an odd number of PCs.... :)
    Then you'll need good cable....
    You'll need a server to be setup between the lab and the campus network for basic control....
    plus plus plus
    you'll need quiet a bit of reading.....
    but to point you in the right direction....this is a start.
    The answer to your question will get pretty long therefore we'd suggest you be a little more precise in the steps that you have already completed and the equipment that is already available to you. We can from then on continue with the discussions.
  2. In real world if all 50 pc were the same and bought at the same time.
    Most it people use one pc and microsoft append tools to make there own custom hard drive image. Then they burn it to a few disks or put it on a network server and use a boot disk to start the install on a block of pc.
  3. thanks for responding, i've to explain the whole thing diagrammatically and theroritically about the requirements and the technology used to setup a lab of 50 computers
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    Pick up a book on networking.... in that case. Because the whole thing would get too long to post here.

    Here's a switch for you

    And here's a diagram to simplify stuff... hope this is more helpful...
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