Phantom 820 Water Cooling GPU/MOBO/RAM with Closed Loop Possible?

Hello all,

My build includes
3970x i7
Asus Rampage IV extreme
Corsair h100i
32 gb Ripjaws 1866hz (4x8gb)
SSD raid 0 120gb x2
SSD 120gb (for OS)
1.5tb 7200 rpm
Asus x2 Titan GTX
Corsair AX1200i with psu anti vibration etc
NZXT Phantom Enthusiast USB3.0 Full tower
6 controllable cooler master fans 120mm with silicone anti vibrations
2 massive aero cool (200mm) one for the door 1 for disks

Anyways water cooling is quite new area for me. Just wanted to ask a few questions to the community regarding a possible water cooling rig with my system. I noticed the Phantom 820 you can fit a 360 radiator up top, a 240/280 bottom and 140/120 rear.
Is it possible to keep my closed loop on my CPU and water cool my GPUs/MOBO and rams with 240/280 on bottom and a 140/120 on the rear? I guess since I have my corsair h100i i rather keep it but I would be interested in water cooling the mobo/ram/gpu for overclocking.

Can someone make a pclist of a decent water cooling solution. Which brand and setup would you recommend? Im going for a red theme if that helps hehe
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    You will find the water-coolers here wont just make you a parts list for a loop. Its a complicated system that you will have to build and maintain, its best if you know what you are doing and getting yourself into.

    Unless your extreme overclocking, water-cooling the motherboard is mostly pointless. The RAM is without doubt pointless, RAM just simply doesn't get hot.

    I suggest you start here, it will teach you about water-cooling and will give you an idea of what to look for in a loop.
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