My laptop won't start it says to insert a boot disk or press any key

Hi, my laptop won't start up it's a toshiba windows 7. When i turn it on it comes up with a messag etelling me to insert a boot disk or press any key. I don't have a boot disk so i press any key and it keeps repeating the same message over and over again everytime i press any key. When I press control alt delete, it takes me to a page that says toshiba, then at the bottom it would tell me to press f2 for setup utility and f12 for boot manager. I've tried everything i could think of to solve this problem but it still won't work. I researched it on the toshiba webstr but it's tells you to go to bios. I don't know where to access bios. It only happend today, I haven't experienced this before. Please help me I need my laptop workig as soon as possible. I need it before school starts because my homework is all online. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you! :)
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  1. Will it boot into safe mode (F8 at start up)?
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    Hi, It might be a hard disk issue.
    Try the 0 key method for recovering ( )
    If not working, then you might need buying a new hard disk.
    Is the laptop under warranty?
  3. Use Toshiba's system recovery and select the option to solve startup issues. You may have corrupted the boot manager or MBR.
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