I keep losing Internet COnnection

okay so recently i have been losing wifi connections at random times of the day no specific time or stature. I decided to reconnect our router / modem and i worked for maybe 3 hours but then again started to lose connection. The thing is some days it loses connection and some days i dont, Any idea how i can fix this problem.

Notes * i get connection as you see but everynow and then all devices lose connection at same time leading to problem with wifi and not the device.
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  1. If The router a few years old it may be over heating. Try blowing the dust out and if the unit has a mini fan see if it blowing. Other that that check that the unit firmware is up to date.
  2. Internet connection type?
    Modem type?
    Router type?

    If you're only losing wifi and not internet connection to your router, then your router is having trouble. Have you tried unplugging your modem and router for a few minutes and then plugged them back in? Have you tried different channels on your router settings?
  3. im not sure the exact brand router but its Linksys 2.4GHz wireless-g broadbrand router, Arris modem , Belkin usb wireless adaptor

    Im not sure what you mean by internet connection type but ill try to answer ??? . its set on private home network

    router is about 2 - 3 years old no minifan , i had someone paid to set the router up because im not the best with wires and stuff so im not sure about the settings , i have tried blowing and unplugging . and everything is up to date

    When i disconnect , I dont disconnect for more than 2 minutes but it happens at random times of the day , some days quite frequent
  4. If the wifi Is open you may have so many people leaching off you that it killing the router.
  5. I also have a Linksys Router, so try this (your settings may be completely different):

    login to your router settings here -

    if you never set a password, it should "admin" for login and password

    go to 'Wireless' option, 'Basic Wireless Settings', then click on Standard Channel. Mine has two options, Channel 1-2.412GHz and Channel 5-2.432GHz. After I changed it to Channel 5, my signal strength increased and I didn't lose connection anymore.

    If that doesn work, start playing with the settings in this page. Mine is Wide Radio Band and Wide Channel 3.

    Also, check your wireless security settings. Like smorizio said, if you don't have security set, everyone in your neighborhood could be draining your signal.

    Worth a shot, hope it helps. Oh, and what I meant by internet connection type was cable, DSL?
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    Explain in detail what happens when you lose connection. Do you lose WiFi connectivity (EG: Wireless router is not listed to connect to all together or is it just internet service, (No Internet Connection Error Message)?

    Your Cable/DSL modem/service may be the source of the issues. When you lose internet connectivity be sure to check the Internet/Broadband/Uplink/Cable LED (light) on your Modem, ensure it is lit in the affirmative for connectivity.
    You can also call your ISPs tech support number to ensure they are not having difficulty/upgrading.

    In old installation areas a lot of ISPs are upgrading their lines which is the case for one of my friends who constantly gets disconnected at random times of the day. He ended up paying $300 dollar upgrade fee to have a service tech update the lines inside of their home because they were completely oxidized causing audible static on their DSL/phone lines.
    If you have DSL, there could be a plethora of issues, static on the line, old lines susceptible to oxidation/moisture, etc, etc.

    If you haven't already, call your ISP to see what they say as far as walking you through the troubleshooting/issues you have.
  7. okay so i got it checked out and modem was the problem after getting a new modem i havent had any more disconnects , thanks for your help tho
    Awesome works!!
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