will this moterboard have any compatibility issues with a sapphire radeon hd 7750 1gb gddr5


going to install a sapphire radeon hd 7750 on this mobo ....will it have any problems....
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    I will recommend to install the BIOS first, you can download from intel;
    Keep in mind you will lose some performances because you put the pcie3.0 card into the pcie1.0X16 slot. Also after you update the BIOS you will be fine I mean you solve the compatible problem.
  2. Who told you that my mobo has pci-e 1.0 *16're sadly mistaken bud ...chec this out -,and

    it has pci-e *16 2.0 ok.....will it have any compatibility issues with my moterboard...
  3. Don't be....., your MB has the G41 chipset so you found it is pcie1.1X16 and is not pcie2.0. So you should update the BIOS.

    And they will fine if you done the update, and review.
  4. Since you have PCI-E 2.0*16 on your motherboard there is no compatibility issue with GPU. You are fine to go.
  5. well i've heard that amd 7000 series cards have compatibility issues with older pci-e versions.....what do you think i'm buying this card because it is power efficient and will run on my pc without upgrading my generic 450 watts psu...
  6. If it's a branded PSU and not a local one than it will work fine. Do not overclock your GPU you could ran into problem.
  7. as the zotac website provides that their graphic cards will be compatible with pci-e 1.1 *16 slot (as if we take the case of gtx 650) and they are really compatible but when it comes to the amd hd 7000 series....they face problems with the older pci-e versions...(my friend has a 7770 which requires atleast a pci-e 2.0 *16 to function properly...older pci-e versions doesn't worked for his card) so what to do now...should I buy a nvidia gtx650 instead of a radeon hd 7750...will it consumes lot much power....will a generic 450 watts psu be enough for the gtx650...or can you assure me about the compatibility of an hd 7750 with my mobo
  8. I found an interesting article, "The final answer to the controversial PCIe x16 version compatibility". In the article the author didn't say if he/she update the BIOS will fix the issue, but said the HD7XXX GPU didn't fit the OLD MB with the pcie1.1x16.

    So you can try to borrow the HD770 from your friend and try it on your MB. And you make sure to update the BIOS first, and the GPU may not work on your system because the HD7770 requires 500W PSU.

    If you can't borrow the card, then you are better to get the gtx650 that requires 400W PSU. ( you don't post your PSU info like the model, so we assure it can handle the GPU.)

    Also can you buy the HD7750 to try and you can return it if the GPU does not work on your MB?
  9. no i cant replace a graphics are my psu details :-

    Model-supercomp sep 500.

    Ac input voltage-140-240 vac ,50-60 ,hz active pfc

    Ac input current-6.5-8.5 a

    Dc output rating:-





    Atx 2.03=plentium 4
    ATX 12V=450 WATTS.

    So this is all what i got on my psu sticker .as its a local/cheap quality power supply unit . So maybe the information provided on the sticker of the power supply unit was more than its actual please tell me weather my power supply is strong enough to handle a gtx650 or not.......these are the 2 good ones that i found


    asus gtx650 (this version doesn't requires a pci-e power connector)
  10. It is safe to go with GTX 650 as it has no compatibility issue whatsoever. And replace your PSU for your own good. ASAP. Good luck.
  11. Your PSU maybe can handle but if you can put more $$ to buy this PSU for Rs. 2399. Then you are OK to use either one of the gtx650.
    The PSU: Corsair VS450 450 Watt PSU
  12. well i've found some people running this card on a g41 chipset...this card doesn't faces problems with g31 and above chipsets .so i am finalising the radeon hd 7750 cause its in my budget and can be handled by my generic 450watts psu .
  13. visit this link-

    see this person system specs as he has a perfectly running 7750 on g41 chipset

    visit a forum via this link -

    this person also has the same problem like i have and see the results now ....that he has a running hd 7750 on a g41 chipset (pci-e 1.1 *16 slot)

    so i want to know the final verdict from all of you about this so called "pci-e version compatiblity issue with radeon hd 7700 series".should i believe these peoples ? should i buy this card .i don't want to waste money on a graphic card which isn't compatible with my motherboard .
  14. As I know if you update the BIOS from the link I posted before, you should be fine because that will fix the problem, and because some MB need to update the BIOS to recognize pcie3.0/2.1 AMD card. As you can see the "BIOS update release notes", which is under the version 0014: New Fixes/Features:
    1. Fixed POST failure with certain PCI graphics card.
    2. Modified T-segment base address alignment.
    3. Modified Memory page style to mirror in setup.
    5. Fixed no video display issue with certain graphics card.

    Whatever the other person post those info they did say they did update the BIOS or not. But this is the key point.
  15. I've purchased an asus amd radeon hd 7750 1 gd5-v2 and its working flawlessly without any compatiblity issues ...and its working on my pci-e 1.1*16 mobo (intel dg41rq) and with my generic and cheap quality psu without any problems.
  16. Can you tell me that do you update the BIOS or not?
  17. no. I've just uninstalled the old drivers and done nothing else
  18. Also can you tell me which BIOS it is ? Here is how to check the BIOS version.
    Thanks you.
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