Connecting TV by HDMI is blurry

So I have two of the same TV, but I only have one DVI plug that will fit into my graphics card and a HDMI socket. I have one plugged in with DVI and the other with HDMI. The one with HDMI is blurry.

I have read around google for a couple of hours and have seen a bunch of people telling me to change the input signal from TV to PC. The thing is I have no idea how the hell you would go about doing that.

I am on Windows 7, and am using a AMD Radeon 7850.

Thanks for any help :)

EDIT: I fixed it, the problem was the CCC wasn't recognising that it had full HD support. I simply overrode that dispite the warning it would blow my TV up and everything is now fine :)
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    disable any picture processing enhancements the telly may be enabling like smoothing and artifact reduction or just all enhancements, they are only ever needed to make non hd images look better but make Real HD feeds look like Vaseline has been smeared all over them
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