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Hi, I have a question about my monitor. Once when I played Mortal Kombat by my friend i was wondering how much it looked more natural and better than on my PC although I play it on max settings and my friend on high settings. I also saw that the colors in images look brighter, and more intensive than by my monitor. We paid our monitors with similar prices whereas he has a 23 inch monitor and I a 21.5 inch. Is there a way to make my monitor color as nice as theirs?
My monitor: Viewsonic VT2205LED
My GPU: XFX Radeon HD 6870 Double Dissipation.
I connect my monitor with the GPU with an HDMI cable.
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  1. What's his monitor?
  2. I'm not sure if color calibration is the answer, you could try some calibration software that takes you through your contrast and brightness, as well as some color patterns so that you could get it fairly close to it's ideal setup. The only other thing I can thing is to ensure you have it hooked up via HDMI and turn off any of the TV style features like it's Clearmotive, noise reduction and those kinds of features.

    The colors being brighter may just be the type of back light used and maybe he had his set on some type of game mode which seems to just crank up the saturation a bit, which I find it makes it look like someone threw up color all over the screen rather than making it look better, but some people like it that way.
  3. Well, after I was by my friend, I saw that his colors actually look darker in the game but more "lighted" as if he has the backlight at max. But I also noticed when I decrease the contrast that it looks more simillar to his monitor but much more brighter than by him . I have also tried the quickgamma and this tutorial:
    When I tried it it was weird that I was not able to bring the colors on the squares even close to look same.
  4. I also noticed that the GAMMA chart in QuickGamma is not pure gray. It has some sort of yellow color. I dont know how to configure it well , but the only thing that i noticed is when i reduce the contrast from 60 to 40 the yellow color is much less intensive. But the overall picture quality of my monitor seems also to be a little decreased.
    The yellow color was much more visible when i zoomed in to 200%. With 100% is harder visible.
  5. After playing a little bit with gamma with the AMD Catalyst i noticed that only the blue gamma is fully blue after turning it at max.
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