Looking for a little help with finding the right Case for my new gaming build.

I have an ATX mobo with EVGA GTX 770.
I'm basically looking for help with if I should get a Midi case (Which I would prefer) or a full size tower.
I'm not looking for anything fancy looking, as long as it can cool my system down well enough and has the right features on/in it I'll be happy.

I'm looking for a case around £80/£100 in black with at least two 3.5" SSD slots, and 2 or more HDD slots. I would prefer a Midi case, as I said, but I can settle on a full size. I would also like it to have a nice airflow as I will be using it for quite long periods of time, and a fan control IF possible as I also have an i7 4770k in there.

As you can probably tell I am new to this, and I don't want to sound picky, but this will be my first personal build so I want to get it perfect.
Thank you and I appreciate you spending your own free time to help me build my computer.
Derty Harry.
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    I don't know much about case, but I have the "Antec Nine Hundred" for my own rig and it's really nice. It has a lot of airflow and I think it fits your budget. The fans have speed control and I set them to minimum speed so the system remains very quiet. Since the fans are big they provide good airflow even at minimum speed. I have good temperatures for all my components, but I didn't overclock anything.
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