Help with CPU & Motherboard compatibiliy and Cases

i am planning to buy either of these 3....Intel i3 core 3220 or FX 4100 or FX6300.....can u pls... gimme best mobo for all these...........and for case will be buying Antec GX700 or Enermax Ostrog GT
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    Buy the FX 6300. It is definately the best of the 3 CPUs. Here is a solid motherboard for your 6300 for only $70. As far as a case, I personally don't like either. I would go for something like a Corsair 200r, but its a matter of personal preference.

    Hope I helped. Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers:)

    EDIT: The NZXT Source 210 and 220 are also nice cases for $35 and $50 respectively.
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