Bioshock Infinite Retail vs Steam

If I buy the retail version (boxed) of BSI...

1) does it activate on Steam?
2) do I have to run Steam to play it?
3) If so, does Steam keep it updated like it does my other Steam games?

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    Yes it activates through steam and steam keeps it updated.
    Yes u have to run steam to play it (but u can play it even if your steam is offline)
    Your basically buying the data instead of downloading it and the Product key that comes along with it
  2. So, once I activate it on Steam by entering the product key, Steam treats it just as if I bought it thru Steam?
  3. yes, any steamworks game bought retail or through steam will be on your games list and will always be automatically updated.
  4. Thanks. That's good to know. The reason I was curious, is because Steam is still selling the game for $60. But Amazon has it for $40. Just wondered if I would lose something by getting it from Amazon and saving $20.
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