Can cooler master 500w psu affect game performance

I have gtx 650ti 2gb (recently bought)and 4.5 years old cooler master 500w psu......out of 10 games 7 games don't run smooth there is lag or slowdown or fps drop or very slow texture loading of both near and far distance or texture flickering .....(ie objects appear and then disappear ..)
Should I replace my psu for a good one ...
My specs are
Fx 6100
8gb ddr3
1366*768 resolution

Please suggest me what should I do ....I am totally confused ....
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  1. Could be anything, but this rig probably could potentially be too much for this so-so psu. I would replace it first for a better one with 80+ certification and around 600W (Corsair CX series is a great value at newegg), and then check again.
  2. what you might need to do is to clean install your drivers.
    download driver fusion and install it and download the latest nvidia drivers.

    uninstall the current nvidia drivers (and old amd driver is you had an amd card before the 650) and do not restart.
    run driver fusion and clean nvidia (and amd) drivers then restart when prompted (dont restart if you had amd drivers but clean them after the nvidia ones then restart).

    on restart reinstall latest nvidia drivers.

    i would also download piriform ccleaner and run the file cleaner and run the registry cleaner (run the registry cleaner multiple times untill it does not return any errors)
  3. I already tried everything u posted
  4. Best answer
    sahil02 said:
    I already tried everything u posted

    Hi - that was not a good quality PSU when new, at 4.5 yrs the capacitor aging
    has probably caught up with it.

    It might not be the whole problem, but it should be upgraded anyway imo.

    BTW, a system with one 650ti does not need a 600w PSU, a good quality 500w
    is more than sufficient.
  5. Mallur and doron thanks to u too ...u also helped me ...
  6. sahil02 said:
    So what do u suggest

    Hi - a 500 or 550w unit from Seasonic, XFX, PC Power & C, Rosewill Captstone series,
    Corsair TX series, Silverstone Strider+, most Antec models.
  7. Please see the problem I was facing from the reference video ...this video is not mine I found it on youtube
  8. sahil02 said:

    Hi again - it's overkill (more than you need), but it won't do any harm(except for cost)
    to your system.
  9. Ok ,,,thanks did u saw my problem in the video .....can psu cause this
  10. sahil02 said:
    Ok ,,,thanks did u saw my problem in the video .....can psu cause this

    Hi as I said above - not likely the PSU is the whole problem, but it was
    a lousy PSU 4.5 yrs ago, and should be replaced anyway. Not sure what other
    components might be your issue.
  11. Thanks for support I am finally going for psu I mentioned ..."""""""thanks once again
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