AMD Phenom II x4 840T Unlock to x6?

I have been looking around on the internet quite a bit, and I have found that this CPU is an x6 with 2 cores disabled. I am currently having problems with bottlenecking on my GTX 660, and I was originally going to get a completely new system but if I could unlock it to an x6 that should be enough for another 2 years. The only problem is the the motherboard seems to have everything locked up, virtually no options in the bios. Is there any other way it could be unlocked?

CPU- AMD Phenom II x4 840T
RAM- 12GB mixed, 8GB Corsair Vengeance 4GB Samsung @ 1333MHz
GPU- Asus DirectCU II GTX 660 OC to 1150MHz core, 6420MHz memory
PSU- 430W Corsair CX430m
HDD- Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM 1TB

Motherboard- Foxconn 2AB1
Chipset- AMD 785G

This is an HP Pavilion P6720f that was bought late 2010, and has had a few changes over the past 3 years.
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  1. Chances are if you're GPU bound now going to 6 cores isn't going to help.

    Very few programs will use all 6 cores - most games won't even use 4.
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    Computers bought from oem's like HP typically don't let you do things like unlock cores or overclock. You could buy a new motherboard, but that would also require buying another copy of windows. (The serial number of windows is tied to the motherboard. Also, you would probably have to backup everything on your hard drive and do a fresh install because oem's tend to not include drivers for anything but the motherboard it came with...the oem or retail versions of windows consumers can buy come with basic drivers so you can at least boot into windows)
    The motherboard does support native six core cpus though the tdp has to be under 95 watts. The best you could upgrade to would be a 1045T or a 1055T and the 1065 will work if you can find those for a decent price...Here's one!
  3. The BIOS on most OEM motherboards used by HP, Compaq, Dell, etc, are locked down in terms of overclocking or unlocking. They want you to buy a new, faster machine whenever you need more performance, rather than be able to unlock extra cores, or get your CPU to rum faster.
  4. you will need a new motherboard, but the price of an unlocking board starts at £30 odd quid, so in my opinion. i would buy an am3+ motherboard on a 780 chipset so for very little money can upgrade to an x5 or x6 core overclock up to 3.5,ghz + depending on the chip and still have an fx upgrade path,
    i did the same thing with my sig rig.
    thats the best way forward from here unless you want to do everything except the graphics card and drives, i wish my next upgrade would be as cheap and yeild so much,
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