Bootable Mac OS X installation partition from hard drive?

I can't really find a category for this, as it involves both Mac OS X and Windows. so I've just put it in storage.

Basically I've lost my one and only pen drive and I need it to install Mac OS X on a new hard drive. Now I have two hard drives, a 500 GB one and a 250 GB one. The 250 is currently in my Mac which I wish to transfer all my data from in when I install the new OS, so everything will be going from the 250 to the 500. So my question is, can you make a bootable installation partition from a hard drive? So its almost like a pen drive? The partition will then be wiped as the 250 is going in a different computer. I have access to both Mac and Windows machines to do so.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Why not just clone the 250 to the 500, unless you want a clean install, this will leave with nothing to install.

    I also would hold onto the 250 for a few weeks before wiping & reusing it. The first month of a new hdd is the time that if its going to fail it will, otherwise they usually last years.
  2. Thanks for your advice on keeping the 250, I usually just recycle old HDs into other machines and forget about them, but i'll hang onto the 250 for a while until I know the 500 is safe.
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