New SSD Windows 7 clean install -- what about the other programs?

Hi All,

I've got a new SSD on order and need to get my ducks in a row. Most of what I've been able to find here has been whether to do a clean install of migrate select data from the HDD. I've cleaned that drive up to about 73GB of the available 1TB so there would be plenty of room for everything on the SSD. I moved all the movies out to both a Seagate Backup Plus and the HDD on an HTPC a while ago.

I think I'd rather do a clean install but there are a lot of programs (small ones obviously) that would either be a pain to find and reinstall, unavailable or that I forgot the password to years ago. Migration seems to be an all or nothing proposition so I can't install the OS first and then bring in the rest of the program files.

Would it make sense to migrate the whole thing and then do a clean install for the OS afterwards? I can move the user files back to the spinner later. Everything will be backed up to the forementioned external drive first so I'll be playing with house money if I screw something up.

You have a much better idea. I'd love to hear it! Thanks for this and your help on many other noob questions I've peppered the forums with over the last couple months, sh
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    A clean install later will not work. Program installations also place data within the Windows install...mainly the registry. A clean install wipes those out.

    I suggest finding all those old apps (and their log in info). Or maybe there is a new, free, open source alternative.

    In the migration you really want to bring all that old cruft over to a brand new speedy drive? Its like getting a new car, and installing the old worn out seat covers and tires.

    Start fresh.
  2. How large is the new SSD?
  3. 128GB. It is a Samsung 840 Pro.

    Other than a couple paid adware programs there really isn't anything I couldn't replace cheap. It is mostly that I'm lazy. Once the SSD is up and running, do you just uninstall Windows (and the other replaced programs) on the HDD or is there more to it? Also, what's the better drive for anti-viral programs?

    Thanks again for your advice, sh
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