Random Giant Ping Spikes

One of the computers on my wireless network has been suffering from occasional huge, but brief spikes in ping.

It looks like this

I did this ping test on other computers connected wirelessly to my network and they don't suffer from this.

I'm running windows xp 32 bit, and my network adapter is a Edimax PCI card
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    There are any number of things that cause ping fluctuations. Signal Interference, Software, Drivers, Hardware, Power Irregularities, Misconfigured Firewall, Load balancing.
    The best way to see if it is a software issue is to format and run the test again without installing any other software. Hardware is a little more difficult, power irregularities can be resolved by getting an uninterruptible power supply, signal interference can be adjusted at the router normally, and ensure you have the latest drivers for your wireless adapter in your PC.

    See my post:
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