Screen resolution can't change.

I tried to change my resolution for a game, but i accidently managed to get the resolution on 1280x somthing. The monitor does not support that, and i cannot seem to get rid of it. Aswell as changing the resolution, i was stupid enought not to wait the 15 seconds ur supposed to wait. What can i do? HELP!

EDIT: Almost forgot, i had my pc restart, which apparently was my big mistake.
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  1. Hi. Press the F8 key repeatedly when starting your computer and from the list that appears select safe mode with networking. Once started change the screen resolution back to what it was before.You could also do a system restore to a time before you made the changes
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    Thnx for answering, and i tried that several times. Without any success. However, i figured it in the end. What i did was, i changed screen to a smaller one, Who had the 1280x720 something. Than i changed the old reso back up, which fixed the problem. I know alot of the times, what i am doing wrong. Aswell as what i do right, and this time i got some water over my head ^^ Anyways Thnx for giveing me this option! Fixed! :)
  3. ! :)
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