freezing during game only - burn in tests come clean?

Lately I've been having an issue where my computer freezes up (no bsod) during rounds of BF3. It doesn't freeze outside of that. At all.

I've run memtest86 for 10 passes without any errors. I've done GPU and CPU burn in tests without a freeze. I'm kind of running out of ideas what might be the issue. Any thoughts? The only thing I've changed within the last 6 months or so is I enabled Hyper-V in windows 8 but I'm failing to see why that would cause this issue.
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  1. Just a thought, might try raising DRAM voltage a tad along with the MC voltage, maybe both about + 0.04 and try it
  2. Turns out it was actually a piece of software I installed some time recently. I guess I'm not used to a hard freeze coming from software. For anyone interested, the offender was Razer Surround.
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