Windows 7 not working after new hardware install.

Just built a new computer but kept my old hard drive. Whenever I start up it begins starting windows then flashes a blue screen really fast(too fast to read the text). It restarts the computer then I have the option to do a system repair. Once I boot in to that mode it tells me it can't solve my problem after about 30 seconds. I have tried formatting my hard drive and inserting my copy of windows 7(yes I do have the 64 bit version) into my dvd drive to do a fresh install, but it is stuck at "expanding windows files (0%) forever. I tried putting the hard drive back in my old system but it still does not work. I also tried changing my SATA settings to IDE didn't work. My new components are: MSI 990fx-gd55 mobo, AMD Fx-8350, 8GB Patriot 2133 mhz ram(down clocked to 1866mhz for the cpu), pretty old WD caviar blue 1TB. Please help me solve this I really would like to use my new computer
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    Let's go over this..... you had an old HD in an old computer which has drivers specific to all the hardware on the old computer. And now you take that HD and stick it a new computer with entirely different hardware. Windows is tying to load drivers for hardware it can't find and there are no drivers that it can find for hardware that is present..... should be no surprise that it didn't work.

    Start over ..... format the hard drive in another machine if necessary, then install windows. It could just be that your old HD has reaxhed the end of its useful life.
  2. I have formatted the hard drive on my old machine and tried to install windows from there with no luck.
  3. How strange, have you ever cleaned your DVD in your computer? Perhaps its having problems reading the disk, or perhaps the disk has reached the end of its life. Good news is they are fairly inexpensive these days.
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