Re-Using Old HDD's and Installing OS to New SSD

Hello all, I have a quick question for you today. I am planning on building a budget gaming rig and I am at a crossroads about storage. I want to salvage my HDD from my old PC, build 3-4 years ago, and move it to my new build. The thing is, I was planning on adding a new SSD to load up W7 and a few choice programs. But my old HDD has an OS loaded to it as well. So my question is, how would I go about removing the OS from the old HDD, and loading a new one onto the SSD, while keeping all my data from the HDD? Also, any suggestions on a brand of SSD? My budget for one is no more than $110 USD. I plan on using my new rig for mainly gaming and streaming videos. Thanks in advance! Please respond with any advice or suggestions if you please.

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    Well if ya did some planning, ya would have the OS on a C:\ partition all by itself and that would make all things simple.

    A 4 year old HD is going to be slow by today's standards. This is the defacto top dog atm

    SSD - $135 - Samsung 840 Pro 128GB
  2. Thanks for the quick response, Jack! I'm a real nubcake when it comes to storage, so how would I get the C:\ on a partition?
  3. Nevermind, I'm just going to stretch my budget and get a totally new HDD and SSD, only 30 bucks over budget. Thanks anyways!
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