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Hey guys I have a pretty decent computer and i was playing a game earlier and I smelt something burning, then a couple minutes later my computer shut off and wont turn back on. I've been reading around and the most common issue for this seems to be the psu however I'm still getting a light on my mobo and the light on my mouse is still active. It's just that the computer won't turn on. Can it be something else? I wanted to make sure before I go out and buy another power supply. My mobo is a EVGA X58 and my power supply is XTREMEGEAR 600W. If you guys could help me out on this it would be much appreciated, thanks !
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    Dust and moisture can also cause issues like this by creating a connection on the board. turn off PSU and remove all cables. open up and look at boards for a little burnt mark or melted solders. that is what will have to (most likely) be replaced.

    If none can be found than it is likely within PSU itself.
  2. you could try a older psu to get power on the system nd see if it still burning smell,if it is there is something else unplug everything and strat with the os drive and one stick of memory also check all you fan if the are running .
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