i5 750 overclock help on asus p7p55d pro motherboard?

Hey all! I know it's a bit late but im currently thinking about overclocking my i5 750. Its about 3 years old and I still have it running at stock 2.67GHz. Im using the asus p7p55d pro mobo and a hyper 212 plus to cool it.

I only want to overclock it to around 3 to 3.2GHz so im wondering what I need to do to achieve that.

Other specs:
500w Psu and 4gb ddr3 ram at 1333MHz
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    I have a similar system (with a Deluxe version) and never felt the need to OC it (OC means higher temps and shorter life).
    There are several tutorials on the Internet (just google for i5 750 overclock).
    and a similar thread:
    My advice: leave it as it is.
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