Gpu fans start and stop in a second upon boot

Hi guys, new build specs:
Amd fx 8350 Black edition
Gigabyte fxa990 ud3 mobo
Gigabyte Hd Radeon 7870 gpu
Antec Kuhler 620 water cooler
Corsair 750 Tx PSU
WD Blue 1 tb hdd
G.Skill 2x 4gb Ddr3 RAM
DeepCool IceBlade x 4 Led fans
1LG Dvd combo drive
As soon as i switch on the power switch, i hear the hdd starting to spin, Fans start, water cooler starts, but gpu shuts off immediately. The fans on the gpu spin and stop instantly.
I have tried changing the monitor from vga to dvi, connectors... Tried all the connections, cables plugged unplugged... Tried to remove lithium battery clear Cmos. Tried with/ wo Ram... The gigabyte web page mentions psu req of 500 W on the gpu. Am i falling short on power or is my card faulty?? Please help as i am running short on time before exchange period expires. This mobo has 0 vga ports. Absolutely no display port on mobo, so without gpu it is useless
I have no display so i cant even update my bios.........
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    I hate to ask the obvious, but you did connect the PCIe power connectors to the video card right? also ensure that the motherboards 4/8 pin cpu connector is connected.

    AMD ZERO core stops the fan if the video card is not running(turn off screen in windows power settings), but I am not sure if it works before post.

    Please follow the link in my sig for NO BOOT and run down the guide real quick to see if it helps.
  2. Turns out there is a heating issue, i changed the thermal paste on the processor. Removed stock nd used coolermaster xtreme fusion X1 9 w/m-k. Now seems to b running fine at 42 degrees centigrate. The processor was heating and causing some sort of a shutdown. But due to improper earthing the fans were running!! I was saving my belkin spike protector for office
  3. The cpu has a built in thermal cut off as do many boards. This will save them even in the worst case.

    The fans spinning is pretty normal as far as I know.

    Glad you got it going.

    ALWAYS use a surge protector for your computers, they are an inexpensive(compared to the cost of a computer or power supply replacement) way to ensure higher reliability. While most power supplies have some surge protection on the mains side, you can not tell when it has stopped working(at least power bars have the protected led to show everything is still working).

    Even better protection(power backup and surge protection) can be had with a UPS, but the cost goes up.
  4. Thank you though for the information and links im sure it will help in future and others too. Cheers
  5. I want to say thanks for this post, my computer is doing the same thing because there is barely any thermal paste on the cpu from where I swapped cases. The gpu fan spins up then stops after a second upon boot. So Ill put thermal paste on today and see what happens.
  6. For anyone that couldn't find an answer i had this problem where the computer starts but the PCEi only powered on breifly on start. When messing around with my PSU on the back there was this sliding part with two settings 115 and 2## and i switched it from the 200 and something to 115 and it worked. (ITS THE RED PART)
  7. You power supply is an older design without active power factor correction.

    Very few of those are of good enough quality to recommend for modern systems.

    The newer units will self adapt from 90-260 or so volts.

    You are lucky, if you have been on 230/240/250 volts(so lived in one of the many places that uses 2XX volts.) and had it on 115 damage would have occurred.
  8. I have exactly the same problem as he has, but I have a lot of thermal paste on the CPU and the cooler is fine ( I guess )
    I used nail polish remover to clean the CPU and the part which touches the CPU on the cooler, right before I used thermal paste. Should I really just add new one?
  9. If you removed paste, you have to replace it.

    You can use isopropyl alcohol to clean the paste as well. Nail polish removed may have more than acetone alone and you have to take care with acetone since it melts some plastics.
  10. nukemaster said:
    If you removed paste, you have to replace it.

    You can use isopropyl alcohol to clean the paste as well. Nail polish removed may have more than acetone alone and you have to take care with acetone since it melts some plastics.

    Thanks for help, I added new thermal paste of course.
    The problem wasn't about that. My computer was shorting, because I stupidly forgot to add my standoffs...
  11. Those standoffs are very important.
  12. nukemaster said:
    Those standoffs are very important.

    Well, looks like my case doesn't even need standoffs (case is plastic right where the mobo is set)
    I'm losing my nerve trying to figure out what is up with my PC.
    Here's a thread I made and if you have motivation you could check it out and maybe help me a bit.
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