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Ok so I'm in the process of my first build and everything has gone okay so far. I did an external build to ensure that the motherboard, cpu, psu, and gpu were all functioning alright. The first time I turned it on I got the post beep and a screen that said no bootable device detected. So I'm guessing everything is working alright. Now I do have the stock cpu cooler/fan on (once the case comes I'm installing the h80i) and when I went into the bios my temps were 48-50 Celsius in a room that was around 75 degrees or so Fahrenheit. I thought this was high myself and was wondering if this is bad? And of so how can I fix it. Plus it shouldn't of been under too much of a load because I was in the bios for only like 5 minutes. Thanks guys any advice would help!
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  1. 50c is absolutely nothing to worry about at all. It'll be going much higher than that under load.
  2. Should be better in the case if you have air circulating, should also drop a few once the TC cures
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