350$ for motherboard and cpu

im starting to build a computer and looking for a motherboard and cpu. i want to end up with an amazing computer able to run almost any thing on high graphics(not maxed out but close) my budget is around 350$
i was thinking ,y computer case has a red theme

a friend recommended i ask this site
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  1. I'd suggest 3570K and the ASRock Z77 Extreme 4, OCs better, runs cooler, cost less, more powerful when OCed...
  2. You can get a 3570k for fairly cheap if you live near a Microcenter store. That board is a nice one.

    Edit: Tradesman and his theories again...
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    After a ton of 3570K builds since it was released, and a few 4670K builds, you call it theory all you want, the 3570K overall is a better CPU, most are lucky to get 4.4-4.6 with a 4670K, the 3570K more like 4.6-4.8 and many to 5 with lower temps than Haswell, it's prob the biggest reason Haswell sales are well below expectations
  4. i was thinking of that board cause one day maybe triple crossfire
  5. Eh, uhm, you didn't even touch that MSI board, so don't make a comparison.
  6. Have had my hands on three of them (actually 4, one was DOA), and of the other 3 not impressed, had a 4670K could run 4.7 on a Rock Z87 nice, decent temps, best could get with it on the MSI was 4.5 and at higher temps, the other two were nothing to shout about, the one lady got talked into a non K4670, and the other had a 4770K tops 4.4...that's among the reasons I refuse to build on MSI, they just don't match up to Asus the Rock or GB - If MSI want to send me one I'll get more in depth with it, but otherwise I won't waste MY money, nor my clients...and that's not all that easy to walk away from, I charge on average from $50 to $100 to put a rig together, and that's easy money, can be doing it as I work the forums in an evening....but I turn them down if they insist on MSI, not worth my time or theirs.

    Do you build, repair upgrade for a living? If so been doing it long? I ask, because I see you offering suggestions, but never really jumping in to help on actual problems with DRAM or anything else come to think of it....seems like well over 75% of my posts are helping people hands on getting thing fixed
  7. I don't really meet many problems with RAM actually, which left me quite inexperienced in that field. Just over 10 BA in questions related to memory after over a month. Been doing builds and upgrading for quite some times, solving problems by self, it's pretty much my main hobby.
  8. To me it's sort of a hobby, but I look at most anything where I can always learn more about as a hobby like fishing, woodworking, whatever, I feel fortunate that I've basically done it for a living now for just over 30 years, and learn new things everyday, (which is why I like the forums, helps me keep up with all the hardware and components), and I'll be the first to admit, I like many had high hopes for Haswell, I saw all the stuff Intel sent me, and talked to some folks I know with Intel and thought things were looking pretty good, but then when I got my hands on a 'hand picked' 4770K...huge disappointment, and same with the next few I worked with, actually I have yet to touch one that I'd really want to build a system on...just not worth it
  9. Lucky you. I don't even have any sample sent to me :bounce: ( derpy geography location ).
  10. This came to a friend of mine I network with, he couldn't get much of anything out of it
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