Overclocking G.Skill 8GB (2x4GB 1600) Memory - Clock Speed Won't Stick

I literally have no idea, I've changed many options, and just feel like it may be my power supply.

My Memory, which is suppose to me an excellent brand for overclocking, and should easily do it when I just want to bump it up from 1600 to 1866 to help with my OC (Think it's the cause of my crashes).

I can change the timing and they stick, I can change ANYTHING in my Mobo and it sticks, but when I try to change my speed of the RAM from 1600 to 1866, upon reboot it still reads 1600, even when I give it an extra .1V, I even ran it at 1.7V and it was a no go.

Pretty much timing, and voltage is what I was told is necessary for a good OC on memory. Can anyone give me an idea why my motherboard won't adjust the speed as I selected?

APU: AMD-A8 3870K Black Edition @ 3.4Ghz (1.4350V)
PSU: Rosewill 400W
MOBO: Biostar A55MH

I understand this is a entry level/mid-range system, that's not what I need the comments for, I basically got the system for free, just need to understand why my clock speed won't adjust.

Any help or information would be appreciated, the only thing I found that some users have had problems with was adding extra voltage to the sticks, I guess they don't like that much.
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    Can try 1866, 10-10-10-26, 2N, 1.6 and set the CPU/NB (man be NBVID or something like that on you mobo, but want the MC (memory Controller) voltage up to about 1.2 -1.25, I believe might help carry the sticks
  2. Tradesman1 said:
    Can try 1866, 10-10-10-26, 2N, 1.6 and set the CPU/NB (man be NBVID or something like that on you mobo, but want the MC (memory Controller) voltage up to about 1.2 -1.25, I believe might help carry the sticks

    Thanks for the quick reply!

    I actually tried adjusting voltages previously to no avail. G.Skill and others have told me that 1.5V should carry to 1866, I tried to up it to 1.6 anyway but it never changes and I guess this is a common thing with these sticks... I guess.

    Anyway I did try to up the volts on my NB as well, these options are available to me


    I tested the first two (0.050, and 0.100) and it didn't seem to make any kind of difference.

    I did E-Mail BIOSTAR with this issue just before replying here. I noticed on their website they have a 2 newer versions of my BIOS, but it clearly states not to update if my system is working fine... well I don't think it's working fine FOR ME. I wanted the system to do what we all love to do, overclock! :D

    Anyway the next update from my BIOS is a BETA, for "Overclocking", that spiked some hope for me, maybe I can get my APU past 3.4 now too? Who knows. The next update changes "Update BIOS code, PXE ROM". I just don't know if the OC beta is still enabled in that version.

    Anyway, I don't know if this is something anyone here could actually help me with, now that I think about it, I spent more then 12, and I really mean 12 entire hours straight changing and modifying every... little... thing.. from voltages to timings, clock speeds, you name it, I'm pretty sure I did it. The only thing I haven't tried is updating the BIOS and with a update stating it "Improve OC ability ( Beta )" it sounds like it might be my fix. Luckily I'm not scared of BETAs :)

    Anyway, one question, does ANYONE have a Biostar Bios Update Utility? I don't know how timely BIOSTAR will be to fix their link or send me the file! I'm itching to update!

    EDIT: Also, I did try those exact timings before, and it didn't change much, responsiveness felt slightly different, can't tell if it was for the good or better, but it didn't help change the clock speed.
  3. Let us know how it goes with the BIOS, BioStar isn't one of the better OCing mobos, but we might get them going
  4. I hope so. If it was my choice, I would of went with something different, but a dual core netbook traded for this custom gaming rig.. well I couldn't beat it! Gives me a better power-user experience then I ever had with store bought computers (obviously), just my kind of luck thought that ONE important part happens to have a pretty crappy OC ability.

    That OC Update is just eating at me though, and I'd like to see more support for this board, it's a nice, fast computer after I upgraded the APU (When traded, it came with a A4 2.7Ghz Llano).

    Don't know what else I can do, next step is a entirely new build sense cards are being made for PCI Express 3 and this is 2.1, so now it's fairly limited, and with Trinity A10 introduced.. well I'm gonna be itching for some more speed eventually!

    Hopefully Biostar will hop on this though, and I will keep the thread updated with my findings for the next guy in my position.

    EDIT: After trying to find a mirror download for "" which is on EVERY single motherboard information page on their site, but it all points to the same link which is broken, I come to realize that utility is for legacy boards with no "Flasher" built into CMOS, well mine does have a flasher, but it requires a floppy drive. Well I have a old one in my garage, but no floppies... ugh.. I don't even think they sell those things anymore!
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