Black SOD during gaming: GPU or CPU overheating?

OK i just graduated from Virginia and coming back home in Vietnam for vacation. Couldn't bring my huge Storm Scout case with me, only the hardware. Here I only have a very small case for them, without any built-in fan.

Since I put the rig back together, I've been experiencing monitor black out during games. I would be playing for a while then the monitor would go black and would not recover. The PC is still on though. I'm guessing that means my GPU is overheating? It's a GTX 460. GPU-Z shows me that during games it reaches about 90 degree.

I've tried cleaning the CPU fan and re-apply thermal paste. No luck.

I tried to install a couple of fan cases, keep air-conditioning on in room while playing, no luck.

Is this a GPU or CPU overheating issue? How do I know for sure? Should I go get a proper case with cooling fans? Or should I go get CPU/GPU fans?
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    ok what worked before should work again granted it did work fine before its like a software or hardware upgrade retrace your steps back to what worked best before the re- build and go from there any build will need plenty of cooling even with ac going .
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