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need help PC video games stuttering big time

July 5, 2013 11:21:30 PM

hello im having a problem with the 4 video gamesi have installed on my pc the games are resident evil 5 tron evolution ghostbusters and star trek the game 2013

the games stutter big time what i mean is when i move my characters around the screen in any game except for star trek the characters move rather jerky it almost looks like the gamer is stopping for a few seconds to render the next frame but for some odd reason star trek plays fine i tested all 3 games excluding star trek on my dual core laptop with integraded hd 6450 radeon graphics and no stutter the stutter only happens on my pc specs are athlon 64 X@ 3.0 GHz cpu and radeon HD 6450 gpu i know my pc is old and out dated but its all i can afford im on dissability and cant afford a new pc as far as my GPU goes i know its not great but i have all gpu settings on low or off v synch is off and my screen res for all games is 1024x768 my os is Windows XP Professional x64 Edition 64-bit SP2
Computer type: Low Profile Desktop

idk if this matter but i have avast installed and daming silent mode turned off how do i fix the stuttering just found out in my device manager i have a yellow quotation mark next to SM BUS controller and the drivers arent installed and sadly HP only offers 32 bit xp drivers for this