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Best Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Anti Spyware?

I'm just wondering what you guys think is the best Best Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Anti Spyware? Do you think that its worth paying for what I listed or can you get by with the free version?

For Anti-Virus I use Avast!

For Anti-Malware I use MalwareBytes

For Anti-Spyware I use SUPER Anti Spyware

I just want to see what other people use and I want to see what other people think would better. And if its better to purchase rather than use the free version. The only thing that I can say about the free versions of malwarebytes and superantispyware is that there is no real time protection, nor is there scheduled scanning, Having to scan manually is kinda a hassle, Sometimes I forget to scan, it would just be convenient to have it scan automatically.

If anyone has a good anti-program software that has the "The Big Three of Anti-programs" built into it that's free and actually works, please post it up.

All Three programs were recommended to me by a friend. I am getting a new computer soon and I would like to have a really good "anti-bad program" software so that I don't have to worry about it.
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  1. avast,superantispyware,and malwarebytes is a combo that is hard to beat. avast is easy on system resources and is highly rated.superantispyware and malwarebytes round out the combo.the best thing is that they are all free. thats what i would go with.
  2. Anyone have any other combos besides what I listed? I'm all willing to try new stuff.
  3. Will this PC only be used by you? If so, I just have Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes since I know enough not to download suspicious files off the Internet. That's all you really need, I've never had a virus in my experience.

    If you plan on having other users (such as kids), then a program that limits what sites can be visited and such would be a good idea. Otherwise, the free versions are good enough if you're careful of what you download. Sometimes Newegg sends out some pretty good deals on the paid version of Malwarebytes and other AV software.
  4. Its for my own personal computer, I was told that Microsoft security essentials lets stuff through and can let some files infect the computer.
  5. I have had 2 years experience with Ad Aware Free and Malwarebytes free version. I have not had 1 infection on any of my p.c.'s and there are children using 2 of them. Ad Aware catches alot of stuff on the fly, and I am surprised on how well it defends my system while browsing.
  6. There is no best Antivirus but honestly the combo you have now should be good enough.
  7. XiRw, there may not be a best, but there sure are some that are better than others. When I first started really messing with p.c.'s, I had Norton and my son had been on some porn sites (swear it was my son) and he literally killed my laptop with viruses before I caught it. Norton missed every freaking one of them, and also told me when I scanned it was clean, but at that time the virus had most likely hidden itself well and Norton could not detect it.. Crap Anti-Virus..
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    Norton from 2012-13 has improved a lot though. You can edit the settings for max protection which might have helped more. And yes, I'm not naive to know that some are better than others but I just don't think there is "one supreme winner" because they all make mistakes or miss.
  9. Ah okay, I'll stick with this combo then, Thank you
  10. I recommend the combination of Avast and Malwarebytes Pro which work well together and have low impact on PC performance - Malwarebytes Pro now offers a lifetime license which is so cheap it's a no-brainer -
  11. Yes, but unfortunately, Norton makes way more mistakes than any other===well, maybe not as much as Mcafee, but you have to be kidding me==NORTON? I run a p.c. business and I get more business from MACAFEE and NORTON customers than ANYONE ELSE!!!! There F'n machines are constantly filled with viruses and malware===NORTON blows dude.
  12. MalwareBytes is def awesome~but like you said, back it up with a quality antivirus too!!!
  13. josephkelly said:
    According to me, It would be perfect for you. I use some antivirus software that will take care of online threats such as malware, spyware, Trojan viruses and Red worms. I personally like “Optimodefender Antivirus Software” as I am using it from so long time. I would prefer you for using this antivirus software.

    Dude, seriously don't spam the community.. We dont need links or anyone trying to get anyone to download their product. This forum is for people looking for information, not people selling or pimping out a product.
  14. Looking for a change. Been using AVG Free & Malwarebytes Free for some time. Wondering if there are any thoughts on free versions of either BitDefender or Ad-Aware. Looking for a free one-call-does-it-all solution (if there is such a thing) for a client's small office that doesn't completely befuddle users.

  15. avast,superantispyware,and malwarebytes is a combo that is hard to beat. avast is easy on system resources and is highly rated.superantispyware and malwarebytes round out the combo.the best thing is that they are all free. thats what i would go with.

    I agree and the Pro versions will totally secure your system. Avast verbally advises you of updates and all work together well.
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