battery not charging. can there be a problem in motherboard?

i have acer aspire 5750z laptop 2weeks ago i felt there was a problem in charging as i had to move the charger or hold it still to keep it it dosent charge at all "there isint any problem with my battery" it. dosent even starts with charger
plugged in. i hv tried starting it without battery dosent work . when i put the charger the battery indicator blinks with one more indicator in my laptop. i have tried a different charger as well.what should i do.THANKS IN ADVANCE:)
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    The DC plug on your laptop has probably broken. This video on Youtube shows how to replace the jack. Fortunately it doesn't look too difficult if you take your time.

    I do recommend using an empty egg carton to organize the screws as you go - it helps keep you from losing them.

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