amd phemon x4 955be 95w

is the 95w version of the phemon 955be 95w oem
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  1. 955be 95w version almost doesn't exist..
    It's rare item to find..because only release in asia in small amount, and sold as "non-Black Edition" X4 955s.
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    yeah..non be 955 processor, multiplier locked.
    usually 95w version is rather hard to overclock than 125 watt.

    your current processor is better than that, just add a little extra voltage, and fly it to 4ghz. :D
  3. for 4ghz on my x4 955be i need 1.52v to get 4ghz
  4. actually you can run your processor with 1.55v for daily use without any worry.. :)

    try to combine your cpu multiplier and bus frequency..

    Higher bus frequency usually make it more stable and need less voltage..
  5. well im running my nb @ 2600 on 1.27v
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