Pc Is Not Starting.

Hello to all users :)
First thing first.I have a PC with intel i7 920 CPU.After a power problem in my house (sudden power shut downs etc)Pc stopped working.Power button was doing nothing but when i was unplugging and plugging back power cable cpu fan and other fans just worked for a while then stops,some motherboard leds flashing but nothing.Sometimes it booted up normally till windows logo then shut down.
I replaced motherboard and power supply but still the same problem but this time im hearing endless sets of 3 beeps from motherboard.I swaped ram replaced ram with another one from another pc (a working one) but still nothing.It really drives me crazy im thinking is cpu problem after all.Please help i dont want to spend more money for cpu or anything if im not sure about the problem.
P.S. My new motherboard is Intel DX58OG.I hope someone helps me and sorry for my bad english.
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  1. Try to build your computer out side the case.
    Maybe some shortage happens, and prevent your system to boot up.

    Actually processor is very durable..designed to run for 10 years or more. and whatever happens in your computer, this is the last thing will e broken..(in normal use)
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    Benching sounds good, have a guide I wrote that might help here:
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