Seagate 7200 vs. WD 5400

I need a new secondary HDD as my primary one appears to be dying.
I will use the new one to store all my data and only have OS and installed applications on the current one.

This is my current HDD,

My choices for a new HDD are,


Also, my PC supports SATA 6.0.

The new drive will be mostly used for storing and watching movies, episodes and so on.
When my current drive does finally die, all my data will be safe and I can reinstall my OS on to the replaced drive when it comes from RMA.
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    7200RPM any day.
  2. Update: I figure that since my current HDD(which is a 7200 RPM Seagate) is the one I will be using for OS and Games and Softwares, I don't require the new one to be 7200 RPM, as I will only be using it for data storage.

    I plan to shift all my data into the new one and thus leave the current one with only the OS installed and low risk data for the time being.
    If the HDD does fail, I can RMA it and then re-install the OS.

    So I figured that the 5400 RPM WD Green would be enough for me.

    What about Seagate vs. WD?
    My current Seagate HDD has already been RMA'd once, and it was a very irritating process(part of the reason that I do not want another Seagate Drive). Are the WD drives better then the Seagate drives in this feature?
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