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I am running Vista 64 bit on my desktop pc. Shut off power button during system restore when I realized that I inadvertently chose to use system restore. Dumb thing to do I know. Now my screen is blank. My curser is the only thing visible. I used my vista installation disk to preform a repair of windows. After doing it's scan repairs and I checked it again it said it did not find any problems that it booted fine. Also tried using the option on the disk to system restore. It said there is not a restore point. I have used chkdsk command prompt to repair, and it didn't find any problem. Checked my monitor using my other pc, and it is in working order. I don't know what to do to fix this issue short of a format. Help would be much appreciated.
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    Go into safe mode if you can(mash F8 repeatedly before that animated starting windows picture comes up)
    Start cmd with admin privlages and run sfc.exe/scannow
    This can also be done with your startup disk, skip the autocheck and start a command prompt.
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