How many graphics card ASRock X79 Extreme4

Well, so to say, the question is in the title :)

I ordered PC with this motherboard and one Radeon HD 6790 graphic card. I believe, it should be supporting only one, but i can not be really sure as seeing the MB layout. I am very bad on hardware part, so its kinda hard to get it.

CPU Intel Core i7 3820
And currently 550W Power, where i am sure it wont be enought. But my question is mainly, can i upgrade to two GPU's if possible. Main reason: i saw that tho gpus perform not that bad + this one isnt expensive as top tier GPU. And other reason, i am not hardcore gamer, but sometimes go for some heavy games and i dont want to leave them just because of serious lag.
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    It supports 3 graphics cards, x16/x16/x8.

    If the PSU is quality, two 6790s wouldn't be a problem. But Crossfire performance isn't all that good at the moment. I'd recommend a single powerful graphics card instead.
  2. Thank you! Just because of the thread, can you tell me one ot two graphic cards that are highest quality for this setup? In case i decide to update in comming year. + if its not a problem, if compared by price, does two GPU's cost less and have litte less performance than expensive one GPU with not that much higher performance, or the diference is big.
  3. Well it depends a lot on what performance you need and how much you're willing to pay. When it comes to using multiple graphics cards, I would recommend Nvidia over AMD, because SLI simply works better than Crossfire at the moment.

    Two GPUs do provide more raw performance per dollar than a single graphics card, but there are downsides too. Driver support, for example, is not quite as stable with multiple graphics cards. The big advantage IMO is when you buy one graphics card, and then later buy a second one reasonably cheaply for a big performance boost, instead of having to buy a new high-end graphics card (which would cost more).
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