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Best TIM(thermal compound) for INSIDE 3570k?? - easy delidding inside.

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July 6, 2013 7:29:34 AM

so, my 3570k chip arrived yesterday, and I was looking at the delidding videos. They had 2 ways. Razor blade or Vise....
I wasn't gonna risk razor and I was thinking,,, "Really? a full-on vise? Come on it's not like you're unsticking a rusted caliper sliding pin.."

So I took my 16" level (which has nice right(90degrees) edges all around) and a 2lb rubber mallet I used to knock my rusted rotor off my hub,,

Do it at your own risk. I'm not gonna pay for your damaged chips and/or ego
I put the level flat on the bathroom floor, put my IHS's edge on the edge of the level (the edge where they grip the vise) and held the chip with my 2 fingers, while other 2 supported the chip from the bottom so it doesn't fall, and my pinky pushing the chip lightly into the level so it doesn't slide off when I tap.

TAP tap TAP tap TA... oh wait it moved.
I tapped it like I was driving a 1/16" nail into plywood.

took me less than a minute.

No risk of sharp blade, no risk of markings on the side of IHS. Sometimes, people tend to overuse their equipment haha.
(and I'm just a jealous kid who doesn't have a vise)

ANYWAY said that,

I read here and there but there's Coollaboratory liquid series "bonding" to material, some stuff conducting electricity,, I'm just so confused. It's like 5W20 vs 5W30 motor oil debate :/ 

Q1 : what's the best TIM for between CPU die and IHS?

Q2 : am I going to put too much pressure on the CPU die if I don't reapply the black silicon adhesive?

as always, TIA

Best solution

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July 6, 2013 8:25:41 AM

I can answer the TIM question.

Most new thermal compounds do not conduct electricity and are non-capacitive. You can look on any of their websites, and they should tell you if they are or not. One that is still popular, and is fairly old, is Arctic Silver 5. Even though it still works good, a lot of people are dropping it since it has a 200-hour cure time, and, like said, is capacitive.

A lot of quality brands of thermal compounds will operate within a few degrees of one another; within the margin of error. It often is not worth the time to split the hairs. Noctua, Tuniq, and Zalman all make good thermal compounds. Xigmatek, not as widely known in the TIM market, has been shown in tests to make good stuff. For popular brands, I used Arctic Cooling MX-4, which is another good TIM (alongside MX-2, which I have seen people use in de-lidded Ivy Bridge chips) that is widely available and affordable.