Looking for a low budget led 3d monitor for my rig

Hey guy
I live in India i want to buy a good led 3d monitor for my rig pls give suggestion
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    An LED 3D monitor will be quite a lot of money. Firstly due to the fact that the 3D feature is a smart feature and a step forward in visual technology. It will also be quite expensive as LED monitors tend to cost more due to the fact that they are somewhat superior to LCD monitors. This is because of the advanced back-light that emits truer more sharper colors.

    Before you decide to get an LED 3D monitor just think to yourself "Do I really need a 3D monitor?" my rig is mostly for gaming and I see the need of a 3D monitor.

    If you definitely do want a 3D LED monitor then have a look at this website for the top 10 currently available.

    Hope this helps.
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