Need new mobo for gaming

I have killed my mobo I guess and need a new one. Had the asus p8z77 v deluxe. What can I get for my setup?

I7 3770k @ 4,7ghz
Msi gtx 770 SLI
16 gb corsair ballistix tactical
Corsair 256 gb ssd

No budget, so suggest your best pick.

Will be used for gaming and 3d design.
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    My favorite is the ASRock Z77 Extreme 4, have built a number of them and use as my Z77 platform, (I run a 3570K at 4.7 24/7 w/ 32GB of 2400 GSkill Tridents, nicely idles at 30 degrees in AZ with a Hyper 212 EVO
  2. They have stopped selling a lot of 1155 now because of the 1150. Not sure I am able to find it here. Will check. Thanks. Any other suggestion?
  3. Sure they have...;) that's a good one, a touch of humor is nice, is that why there's about maybe 100 1150 mobos available for sale, and about 250 1155 mobos?
  4. Actually true for my store. But I can check the others here. Cant find any reason to get deluxe over pro. Not gonna use bluetooth.
  5. If sort of tiesd to a particular store, might see if they can special order
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