Solved: Overscan problem with HDMI/TV & 7770.

My issues are caused by my old cheap TV that has no option to disable the 6% overscan over HDMI but with my previous card (9400gt) I found a solution, I was able to change something in the Nvidia Control Panel resolution settings, there was some sort of setting that let me have a fitting 1920x1080 when I changed a setting underneath it to manual and 2200x1238..?

My new problem is that I've just updated my graphics card to HD7770 which obviously isn't controllable via the Nvidia control panel so I'm wondering if anyone can help me out, if I can do anything to achieve a similar result?

There is an option in CCC that gets me the correct size but the picture quality is really bad and the text very blurry, the Nvidia fix got my the same quality over HDMI as I had with VGA (which had none of these issues), the new card doesn't have VGA either.

Hopefully that's not too complicated and someone can help me out?

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  1. You can go into CCC, then to my digital flat panels, then go to scaling options. AMD seems, for some reason, to underscan by default.
  2. Thanks but with that option I can set it to 6% to get my screen to fit but the picture quality isn't there, quite blurry, the same thing happened with NCP until I changed the setting to manual and 2200x1238. Do you know if there's anything I can do to achieve similar results without NCP?

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    In CCC under the Desktop management you can try to mess with some of those settings, other than that I dont think there is any other way in CCC itself. You can also try changing the sharpness settings/ Overscan settings on the TV, if it has them.
  4. Thanks man, I've somehow managed to do it with a third party program called "Custom Resolution Utility".

    I don't know if these settings will work for anyone else but they worked for my old 6% overscan TV.

    Horizontal Pixels = 1920 / Vertical Lines = 1080
    Refresh rate = 59


    Active Pixels = 1920 / = 1080
    Front Porch = 88 / 4
    Sync Width = 44 / 5
    Total Pixels = 2200 / 1125
    Positive / Positive

  5. Thats good to hear, I will keep that program for future overscan issues!
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