Is this build worth the money?

Build 1

Build 2

Build 3
This is the one with intel processor

I would use for gaming eg.battlefield,call of duty skyrim ect...would one of these builds run those games on high settings?
Please give me your opinion and whether you would recommend another -£700 build.

Thanks in advance
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  1. The first and the third are exactly the same. Between they both are good for gaming. They can play BF3 at 30+ FPS at high settings without much problem.
  2. Sorry I edited the third link to the correct address, also is it worth the extra £40 for the 8 core processor and a better graphics card?
  3. Please could someone give me there opinion on these builds? Need to order asap
  4. Best answer
    For gaming the first build is the best as it has a much better graphics card than the rest other builds, but considering that for that price you can build a gaming beast, you should make a build yourself.
  5. ^ the link above is way better than alll 3 from the first post
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