New HDD making clicking sound

Hi, I just bought a new build and have yet to test it out.
Stupid me has interupted the formating proces and I just fixed that, its a long story, but I connected the HDD to another computer and finished the format (started a new one), but ever since the "interuption" its been making a clicking sound.
any idea what has happend?
HDD: 1TB 7200 toshiba
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    clicking HDD usually means that
    (1) The Hard drive is dead. drive quality control is hard stuff. a lot of drives fail early, within a few months. all other drives should be fine for a long time. Don't blame Toshiba, RMA, and be fine.

    (2) the power cable isn't pushed in firmly enough. Try multiple cables. If you use a modular PSU, check the PSU side too.
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